Annual Awards

Town Watch Society Award

The Town Watch Society Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated
extraordinary leadership and service in the Mid-Shore Community.  This Award is named in honor of the
Town Watch Society, a militia of local citizens that protected the Town of Easton during the War of 1812.  

Past Recipients

2002    Lloyd Beatty, Hugh Henry, Moorhead Vermilye and Charlie Wheeler
2003    Tom Robinson and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Stevens
2004    Alice Ryan
2005    Charlie Capute
2007    David Bryan and Duane Hilghman
2008    Joyce Huber Smith and Harry Rhodes
2009    Tim Kagan and Ben Kohl
2010    Richard Marks and Richard Granville
2012    Tolbert Rowe, George Wright and Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tilghman
2013    Thomas Beckett
2014    Glen Plutschak and Merrill Morgan
2015    Albert Gipe
2016    Tom Helfenbein
2017     Margaret (Molly) Judge

J. McKenny Willis, Jr. Award 

The J. McKenny Willis, Jr. Award recognizes nonprofit organizations for providing outstanding service
and is presented to a volunteer who has been instrumental in the success of the organization.  

This award was established in honor of J. McKenny Willis, Jr. who devoted his time and
personal resources to improving the quality of life in the Mid-Shore Region.

Past Recipients

2003    Washington College, Dr. John Toll
2004    Chesterwye Center, Dr. Harry Rhodes and MSCF, Maggie Ferree
2005    United Fund of Talbot County, Lloyd Beatty
2007    Kent Center, Tom Stevenson and Habitat for Humanity, Larry Neviaser
2008    Critchlow Adkins Children Center, Happy Critchlow
2009    CASA of Talbot County, Will Lockwood
2010    YMCA of the Chesapeake, Tom Hill
2012    Talbot Hospice Foundation, Albert Smith
2013    Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Alex Handy
2014    Estate Treasures, Kathy Ciambruschini, Linda Sheets and Renie Madonna
2015    Chesapeake College, Catherine Poe
2016    Mid-Shore Recovering Veterans Group, Royce Ball
2017    Tilghman Area Youth Association, Ginny Cornwell

Golden Key Society Award 

The Golden Key Award recognizes professionals for their work in support of the Mid-Shore
Community Foundation and its mission to enhance the quality of life in the Mid-Shore Region.

Past Recipients

2005    Lloyd Beatty, Paul Bowman, David Bryan, Charles Capute, Richard Counts,
             Tom Fountain, Mark Freestate, Ann Goodman, Bryson Goss, Tom Hill,
             Robert, Jarrell, Charles Kenney, Ronald Lee, John McGinnis, Alex Raisin,
             Lou Satchell, George Seger and Curry Wilford
2006    Richard Grieves and Albert Pritchett
2007    Buck Duncan
2013    Eugenia Wootton, Esq.
2014    Kathleen Hurd, Esq.
2015    Rob Collison, Esq. and JoRhea Nagel Wright, Esq.
2016    John Valliant

Special Recognition Awards 

Special Recognition Awards recognize individuals and/or organizations
that have demonstrated notable achievements in the Mid-Shore Community. 

Past Recipients

2009    Shore Health System Nursing Team, Chris Parker
2009    Washington College, Baird Tipson
2009    Academy Art Museum, Chris Brownawell
2010     Lifetime Wells For Ghana, Ken Wood
2015     Kent County Public Schools, Dr. Karen Couch
2016     The Caroline Foundation, Terry Mead and Robert Jarrell, Esq.
2017     Rebuilding Together Caroline County, Patrice Morrison and Homan Hallock
2017     Presented to Della Andrew in memory of Herbert Andrew
2017     Presented to Bill Jarmon