Nonprofit Services

In addition to grants, the Foundation provides training programs, endowment management and planned giving services to area nonprofits.  The Mid-Shore Community Foundation also supports start‐up charities and local charitable projects through fiscal sponsorship.

Endowment Funds

The Mid-Shore Community Foundation manages endowment funds for area nonprofits.  Endowment Funds offer a reliable source of financial support for nonprofit organizations, while demonstrating permanence to donors. Distributions are made annually and can support the work of the nonprofit or can be reinvested in the fund.  A nonprofit organization can establish an endowment fund at the Foundation with $10,000 or more.  The Foundation will manage the assets and handle all the administrative requirements, including gift processing and financial reporting.  Your fund will benefit from our expert investment management and complex giving options, such as property and securities.  Your organization will have online access to fund statements and ongoing support from our staff.  

Charitable Gift Annuity Program

The Mid-Shore Community Foundation is licensed by the State of Maryland to offer Charitable Gift Annuities and will provide the annuity to donors who wish to make your nonprofit the designated charity for their annuity. PNC Bank manages the Charitable Gift Annuity Program for the Mid-Shore Community Foundation.  Funds are invested and reserves are established, consistent with the requirements of State regulations, to ensure sufficient assets to meet annuity requirements and provide a residual asset for the designated charity.  

Nonprofit Resource Center

The Foundation hosts a nonprofit resource center in the Bullitt House.  The resource center is equipped with books, computers and access to the Foundation Center's electronic database.  Nonprofits can use the facilities to host meetings and informal gatherings.  The facility is available during regular business hours and reservations are required. 

Training Seminars

The Foundation sponsors various training seminars for area nonprofits. Maryland Nonprofits instructs the seminars and there is no cost to attend the training.