For Donors

We provide tools that enable donors to support the causes they care about - immediately and via bequest.

Donor Advised Funds.  Donor Advised Funds are charitable giving accounts that allow donors to easily and effectively manage their charitable giving.  Donor Advised Funds provide many of the advantages of a private foundation, but with smaller asset requirements and fewer administrative responsibilities.  You determine the name of your fund, choose your level of involvement and recommend grants to support the causes you care about.  Contributions to the fund are tax deductible and you may add to the fund at any time.  The Foundation manages the fund's assets and handles all administrative requirements and donors have 24/7 access to their funds via a secure online donor portal.

Charitable Gift Annuities.  Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA) are agreements between donors and charities, whereby the donor makes a gift to the charity and the charity makes fixed payments to the donor - throughout their lifetime.  Once the payments end, the remainder of the gift benefits the charity.  This amounts to reliable payments that continue no matter how long you live and no matter what happens to financial markets. 

Charitable Bequest.  Arranging for a Charitable Bequest is a simple and effective way for a donor to transfer assets to charity.  You arrange for a Charitable Bequest by including language in your will or living trust and the Mid-Shore Community Foundation will manage your gift according to your wishes.  

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